Brooklyn Mariners VS Virginia Monarchs Saturday, July 21, 2001 4:00PM

Redskins Park
13832 Redskins Drive
Herdon, Virginia 20171

Merge onto NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE S (Portions toll).

NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE S becomes I-295 S. 5.6 miles

Take the I-95 N exit on the left towards WILMINGTON. 0.3 miles

Take the I-95 S exit on the left 0.9 miles

Merge onto I-95 S (Portions toll). 59.3 miles

Take the I-895 S/HARBOR TUNNEL THRUWAY exit, exit number 62, on the left towards ANNAPOLIS/BAY BRIDGE. 0.2 miles

Merge onto HARBOR TUNNEL TRWY. 14.5 miles

HARBOR TUNNEL TRWY becomes I-895 S. 0.4 miles

Take I-95 S. 18.2 miles

Take the I-495 W exit, exit number 27-25, towards US-1/COLLEGE PARK/SILVER SPRING. 0.4 miles

Keep RIGHT at the fork in the ramp. 0.6 miles

Merge onto CAPITAL BELTWAY. 18.0 miles

Take the VA-267 TOLL W exit, exit number 45A, towards DULLES AIRPORT. 0.4 miles

Merge onto VA-267 W (Portions toll). 12.3 miles

Take the VA-28 S exit, exit number 9A, towards CENTREVILLE/MANASSAS. 0.6 miles

Merge onto SULLY RD. 2.6 miles

Turn LEFT onto MCLEAREN RD/VA-668 E. 0.2 miles

Turn LEFT onto TOWERVIEW RD. 0.3 miles

Turn LEFT onto REDSKIN DR. 0.1 miles Mailru