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Download Screensaver
(trial version expires 10 days after installation. Check back to purchase the full version.)


1. Click on the link under the wallpaper you want based on your computers display settings.
2. Once the new page loads, left click on the image and click " SET AS WALLPAPER ".
That's it.

Note: This is only a trial version. This will expire 10 days after intallation. We will be posting a full version of this screensaver in the near future. The full version will cost $10.
1. Click on the screensaver thumbnail image.
2. When prompted, click "Save this program to disk" (Netscape: "Save File")
3. Open up the file that you saved on your computer to install your new Brooklyn Mariners Screensaver.

If you have any problems or questions contact Pagesbeyond
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