"Where to begin! He was fun to watch play football. He so loved the game. He knew the game as well as any announcer, player, or coach. He'd watch a game; make a call always before the announcer or the Ref. He had great instincts on and off the field; always knew where he was and what his next moves would be. God he was fun to watch. After years of watching him play, you could just see his face light up when the play was forced his way. He'd step up into the hole and lay the back out. It was a beautiful thing to see and he loved it! He'd say after a game that hit felt so good. Football gave Dan the confidence to be who he was, a wonderful son and brother, a fabulous friend, who always made me first. But most of all, he was a very energizing husband and father. There is no other man alive who can compare. He was a fearless leader on the field. The game of football will never be the same to me because I can no longer share it with my beautiful linebacker. There are no words that can express the loss to me, football, the FDNY and to the World by what happened to Dan. Nothing will ever be the same again.

My husband, my best friend forever, Father of our only child, Brianna, you are always my inspiration. You still teach me everyday because everyday I learn something new about you to love and I remember something old. That is the reason we're still in love. You are my heart, my soul, and my life.

I will miss your presence in our lives everyday till will meet again. I feel your soul still with me so I know I will be with you again my love.
But I miss you so. ''

Nancy Suhr

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